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Covy’s cover shoes


Yes those “rubber condoms” for your shoes – galoshes or overshoes protect your expensive dress shoes from the rain and allow you to walk through those puddles without worry. Stretchable and 100% waterproof (it’s rubber, duh), they’re easy to put on and take off. It covers nearly to the top of the shoes, so it definitely will keep those leather soles dry. The non-slip traction base and thick rubber construction ensures durability in the worst rainfall. Also, it comes in a slim case and tips the scales at 300g – perfect for the briefcase or in the glove compartment! Available in a wide variety of 12 richly-toned colours (Black shown).

Want: For days when the sky pours and you don’t want to get your leather shoes wet, especially if you only have one pair and need them for work. Portable and lightweight in a slim case too!

Buy It: £33.25 ($50) from A Fine Pair of Shoes, Covy’s

More pics:


Covy’s colour chart
Covy’s cover shoes in slim case (Typhoon Blue) Credit:Afinepairofshoes.com
Covy’s cover shoes slim case
Covys black dress shoes galoshes




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