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What a watch says about a man

When it comes to men’s style, nothing tells more about a man than his watch. A watch is to a man what a handbag is to a woman. You can tell quite a lot about a man’s style and personality just by observing what kind of watch he picks.

The Brand
Does he go for the blingy and famous brands like Rolex or TAG Heuer that everyone seems to be sporting? This is a man who is cares a lot about his image and the impression he makes on others. He is one who is conscious of what sells and appeals to the public.  He is also likely to be a social butterfly, takes pride in making himself a person of value, and often has a strong opinion (but one that well-grounded).

What about the men that go for less obscure brands that nonetheless produce well-built and beautiful watches? Blancpain, Maurice Lacroix, and watches from lesser known watch manufacturers. This man has taste, knows what he is actually buying and has an eye for detail. Granted, this man sports watches much more expensive than the common luxury timepieces, but he is aware of what he is paying for and is not interested in showing off his acquisitions.

Dress style vs choice of watch
Generally, most people have 2 watches – one for casual or sporty wear, and another for the office or dress occasions. At times you might meet people who go against the social norm and defy such a principle. One famous example would be the former US President Bill Clinton, who wore a Timex Ironman when he was first elected

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