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How to buy a fridge

Whether you are a family of four (or more), newly-wedded couple, student, or single, buying a fridge perhaps the most important thing you would have in your house, beside a bed.


Here are some tips to look out for when choosing a fridge:

  1. How large in terms of physical dimensions?
    Quite often one may be tempted to buy the largest fridge possible. After all, better to have one too large than not large enough to fit everything you need right? True in a way. Always aim to get the largest fridge possible that you can fit. Consider the fact that you might need to freeze meals that you cook or have guests (or the girlfriend) over and need to stock up more groceries. However, bear in mind that the dimensions of the fridge should fit the space it potentially would sit in. A big mistake is buying a fridge “just nice” to fit into that gap at the corner of the kitchen. Bear in mind that you need to leave at least 5 cm for fridge’s fan and airflow.
  2. What capacity?
    Are you single or married and with kids?
  3. Electricity consumption
  4. Brand new vs second hand


Other things to take note of:

  • Delivery
  • Setting it up
    If you bought a new fridge, the best practice is to let it run for at least 48 hours before putting anything inside. This is to allow it to run in a stable manner and allow any poisonous gases to be pumped out (you don’t want this to go into your food do you)
  • Warranty
  • Spare fridges
  • Smells
    If you bought a used fridge and it smells like it was used to keep the owner’s mother-in-law inside, don’t fret. Put a plate of baking soda into the fridge and freezer compartments and leave as long as needed for the smells to be absorbed. Baking soda is a natural deodoriser and it absorbs any foul odours (smell the baking soda after a week in the smelly fridge if you don’t believe me)
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