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Antiqued Copper Opinel No4 Pocket Knife

Antiqued Copper Opinel knife mod (Photo Ru Titley Knives)

Opinel pocket knives are one of the most popular and sheeple-friendly pocket knives available. The signature Opinel wooden handle may be appeal to some, but knives with slim handles are always practical given their comfort in the pocket. Knifemaker Ross Tyler modded the No7 carbon steel knife, which he describes as a “pimped up toxic post apocalyptic Steam punk’ish Opinel mod”. Paired with a nice, slim copper handle, this is definitely one cool knife that will not only carry light but take on a great-looking patina as it ages!

The carbon steel no.4 Opinel blade was striped out then dark etched in ferric with a hint of copper. The Higonokami style one piece handle was beaten out of an old copper pipe, which was flattened then hammer hardened. It is secured with a kydex eyelet and a torx pivot and was then all etched, brass blackened and then stone washed for an aged effect. (Photo: Ru Titley Knives)

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